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General Civil

General Civil

We handle a wide variety of cases that affect families in many ways:

For example, living without a driver’s license is a struggle that can prevent you from working, getting medical treatment, or enjoying everyday life. We can help get your driving privileges restored. Don’t take the risk of being denied because you did not understand the requirements.

Often, parties need assistance securing a Personal Protection Order (PPO) or defending against an unjustly filed PPO.  

If you are purchasing land, we can draft property deeds or land contracts. Maybe you have already purchased land and the legal description in your deed was wrong. These are records that need to be corrected and properly kept. If not, your taxes can be impacted along with your ability to sell the land. We can draft the documents necessary to correct the record.

Finally, if you need to file suit to collect a debt, settle a property dispute, or another legal issue that affects your family, our office has the knowledge and experience on which you can rely.